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Mud Pie Clothing Makes Great Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, make a fashion statement with Mud Pie Clothing that is perfect for the spooky season. These fun fashions from Lollipop Moon can be worn all year more

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Mud Pie Clothing’s Showcases New Fall Line of Designer Baby Clothes

For designer baby clothes that are a sure delight, Mud Pie clothing is the first designer that comes into mind. Their pieces are always so sweet and fun. We don’t think it is possible to find a mommy out there that doesn’t love the look of Mud Pie clothing on their little ones. Lollipop Moon has several new Mud Pie clothing pieces for the upcoming fall and winter season. Here are our the best of Mudpie Baby Clothes for this upcoming season:

1.Mud Pie Football Crawler:Get in the game with your little cutie. The Mud Pie Football Crawler is the perfect designer baby clothes option for sports lovers. You will love that it can be for girl or boy! Pair this adorable onesie with cute legwarmers or make it a little more girly with fun hair accessories. This sweet football onesie is available in sizes 0-6M.image

2.Mud Pie Owl Minky Pant Set:Your little princess will be a hoot in this one of a kind owl fashion. Owls are a fun style to wear, and they are definitely in season.The owl on the Mud Pie Owl Minky Pant Set is just as sweet as your little girl, especially since it has a cute blue ribbon in its hair! The ruffled owl shirt pairs perfectly with the fun kaleidoscope patterned pants. This fun play set is available in sizes 0-6m to 3T.

3.Owl Ruffle One Piece:That cute owl is back and makes a home on one of the cutest one piece outfit around! The Owl Ruffle One Piece is such a sweet fashion for baby girls. It is made out of minky fabric, so you know that your little one will love snuggling in it. The flared legs and blue collar really add a cute touch to this outfit. This adorable baby one piece is only available in baby sizes, up to 12 months. Give it as a baby gift this holiday season!

4.Mud Pie Red Damask Sleep Gown:You can rock your baby girlto sleep with the guarantee that she will have whimsical dreams. That is because the Mud Pie Red Damask Sleep Gown is so dainty and adorable. This is a fuss-free fashion for new moms to adorn their newborns in. The sleep gown is the perfect option for newborns because all you have to do is slip it over their heads – no fussy buttons to mess with. The gathered bottom keeps little legs snug and makes it easy for multiple diaper changes. Why not let your cutie wear this fun fashion for special first photos?

5.Mud Pie Red Rosette Bib: With the Mud Pie Red Rosette Bib your little one can drool in fashion! Don’t you just hate putting a cheesy bib over your little one’s designer clothes? Well now you can add more fashion to their outfit instead of a bib that says, “Spit Happens”.

Don’t wait too late to get the best Designer Baby Clothes for fall. Shop Lollipop Moon for the fun and darling Mud Pie clothing that will look amazing on your little one. Remember, Mud Pie clothing also makes a wonderful gift to give at baby showers and birthday parties. Most of the fall preorders are ready to ship now. You can get the best fall fashions before everyone else!

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The Best Fashions and Baby Gifts for the Holidays

In the baby clothes and trendy girls clothes fashion world, now is the time to order the perfect holiday wear. Christmas may still be several months away, but now is the time to snatch up the perfect looks for the season at your favorite top baby boutiques. You will want your little girl to have the cutest seasonal looks out there, that’s why Lollipop Moon has brought them all together for you. Another benefit to consider when ordering holiday clothes early is that you will have your holiday cards done and ready to send out on time! Here are our top five picks for trendy girls clothes for the holiday season:

1.Giggle Moon Raspberry Truffle Tutu Dress with Leggings: Deck the halls in pink? So this gorgeous girl and baby clothes outfit does not necessarily have to be for the holidays, but it will surely be a gorgeous piece for the season. Just imagine how darling your holiday photos will be with this pretty pop of pink. Consider using the Giggle Moon Raspberry Truffle Tutu Dress with Leggings for adorable photographs that can then be gifted to family members and friends.

2.Trish Scully Child Christmas Floral Ruffled Pant: Nothing says Christmas quite like the perfect pair of holiday pants for girls. The Trish Scully Child Christmas Floral Ruffled Pant is such a fun and festive look. Your little princess can wear them all December long. They look great with red and white blouses alike.Try pairing these pants with the Trish Scully Christmas Floral Red Tunic for a classic holiday trendy girls clothes look. This is just only one of the fun baby gifts you can give over the holiday season.


3.Trish Scully Child Christmas Floral Princess Dress: Trish Scully Child’s princess dress is such a sophisticated style and adorable cut only seen in top baby boutiques. Any little girl will look high fashion in this dress. We especially love how the Trish Scully Child Christmas Floral Princess Dress is just perfect for the holiday season with its fun and festive pattern and ruffles.

4.Trish Scully Child Tartan Holiday Western Dress: Why not put a new spin on the holiday classic looks with the trendy girls clothes that are fashion forward. The Trish Scully Child Tartan Holiday Western Dress is a cool and stylish choice, especially for all the little cowgirls out there. You can make this dress look even more western-inspired by pairing it with a cute pair of cowgirl boots. If you wish to make this dress a little girlier, just pair it with pretty girl flats and a fun and trendy hair accessory.

5.Trish Scully Child Tartan Holiday Red Ruffled Blouse: Our final choice for holiday wear, as well as good holiday baby gifts is the Trish Scully Child Tartan Holiday Red Ruffled Blouse. There is just so much to love about this chic blouse! It is covered in ruffles and is a gorgeous shade of red. It will pair perfectly with several trendy girls clothes pieces to create a charming holiday look. And this lovely blouse can also transition beautifully into the next season, since it will look great with jeans and denim skirts.

Lollipop Moon is one of the perfect Top baby Boutiques for finding all of the must-have holiday outfits for little girls and baby gifts. They have the best selection of baby clothes and baby gifts to choose from. Shop for your little one’s holiday wear now, and save on the stress and hassle once the season rolls around.

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Trish Scully Child’s Trendy Baby Clothes for Fall

Whenever Trish Scully Child releases her new fashion line of girl’s clothes and baby clothes, we cannot help but get a little excited. Trish Scully is one designer that aims to please. The new fall pieces are gorgeous must-haves for the fashion world today. We are here to give you a little sneak peek at the best of Trish Scully Child’s fall fashion line.

Hello, Purple Deep purples are such an amazing color for fall, especially when it comes to little girls clothes. The color is just so rich and fashionable. It pairs well with several other trendy baby clothes fashions with ease. The number one piece that every little girl needs in their wardrobe as soon as possible is the Trish Scully Child Purple Damask Purple Ruffled Blouse. This blouse is such a rich purple color and full of ruffles. The style and cut is flattering on any toddler and girl.


Another must-have dress is the gorgeous Trish Scully Child Purple Damask Princess Dress. This dress is just so sophisticated and well put together. It is the perfect trendy baby clothes choice for photos and special occasions.

Mad About Plaid Who says that plaid is an outdated look? Certainly whoever says that has not seen the darling Trendy Baby Clothes from Trish Scully this fall. They use plaid in such a fashionable way. Just look at how darling the Trish Scully Child Tartan Holiday Western Dress or the Trish Scully Tartan Holiday Ruffled Skirt are. They took a classic print and modernized it for today’s fashion world. The ruffles and trim make these plaid beauties a good choice for fall.

Fun With Circles Trish Scully Child’s Circle Safari pieces are the perfect playtime pieces. They are whimsical and fun for little girls. Just look at how darling the Trish Scully Circle Safari Ruffled Cap Sleeve Dress and the Trish Scully Child Circle Safari Peasant Blouse are. They are designed in fun colors, and also in colors that will pair easily with other trendy baby clothes. The Trish Scully Child Circle Safari Peasant Blouse would pair nicely with a skirt or fancy pants for a special look, or it can be paired with a cute pair of jeans or leggings for any every day look. There are so many possibilities with this line!

Missoni Inspired Missoni is one of the hottest names in fashion. Their clothes are easy to recognize because of the popular and iconic print they use. Trish Scully brings those iconic fashions to little girls with their inspired-Missoni looks. You will find some great trendy girls clothes pieces in this line, such as the Trish Scully Child Missoni Inspiration Sequin T-Shirt Dress. This fun dress is sure to brighten anyone’s mood. It pairs perfectly with boots or sparkly flats. The same type of fashion can be found in a skirt with the Trish Scully Child Missoni Inspiration Drop Waist Skirt. Think of all the trendy girls clothes outfit choices with an essential piece like this skirt. You can dress it up or dress it down by pairing the skirt with one of the many Funny Baby Tees.

Lollipop Moon always has the best fall fashions for little girls. Trish Scully Child is the perfect designer for little girls, and all of their outfits are sophisticated and well put together. Your little girl will look high fashion in any of Trish Scully’s fall girl clothes. Shop Lollipop Moon for more awesome fashions, from funny baby tees to high class fashion.

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Lot of Mu Pie Baby Clothes are added to LollipopMoon. Your baby gets looked cute with Mud Pie Baby Clothes.

Lot of Mu Pie Baby Clothes are added to LollipopMoon. Your baby gets looked cute with Mud Pie Baby Clothes.

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Mud Baby Clothes for the Season

Don’t blink, because before you know it, Christmas will be here! There is so much to love about Christmas, from the wonderful decorations to all the trendy newborn baby clothes to choose from. Make your Christmas and holiday season even better with the best seasonal clothing choices. Your little one will look amazing in what Lollipop Moon has to offer. One of our favorite designers, Mudpie Baby Clothes, has the holiday looks that you won’t be able to resist. Here are the top fashion picks:

1.Mud Pie Tree Skirt Set:This whimsical holiday look is just darling. You will love how this newborn baby clothes set looks on your little one. The outfit comes with a long sleeved white top that is decorated with a chic Christmas tree. A gorgeous red skirt adds a pop of color, while the black and white leggings complete the outfit. What a fun look for special pictures! This piece of Mudpie baby clothes comes in size 0-6M to 2T.


2.Santa Minky Pant:Tis the season to be jolly, and who could not be jolly after seeing the adorable Santa Minky Pant set. This toddler and newborn baby clothes set is a must-have for those who believe in good Ol’ Saint Nick. This piece of Mudpie Baby Clothes pairs perfectly with a fashionable hair accessory and baby shoes. Don’t forget, your little one can wear the red minky pants for more than just Christmas! This fun holiday set is available in sizes 0-6m to 3T.

3.Santa Skirt Set With Fur Cuff:Deck the halls with adorable baby fashion from Mudpie baby clothes! The Santa Skirt Set With Fur Cuff is just too cute for words! This fun outfit will wow family and friends with its sweet Santa face and gorgeous polka dot leggings with fur cuffs. The ruffled skirt set also adds a fun and fashionable statement to the outfit. Why not dress your sweet princess in this festive piece for holiday family photos. You can get this sweet outfit in sizes 6-9M to 2T.

4.Reindeer Tunic And Legging:Can your little one name all of the reindeer names? It’s okay if she can’t because we know she will still look absolutely adorable in the Reindeer Tunic And Legging. This is such a fun piece! What a great look for December. Plus, this fun outfit doesn’t come in your typical red and green. The colorful polka dot leggings with pink oversized ruffleswould pair well with any outfit in any season. And who can resist the reindeer on this outfit’s tunic? Find this darling fashion in sizes 0-6M to 2T.

5.Christmas Tree Tunic And Legging Set: The Christmas Tree Tunic And Legging Set is a great set for playtime in the winter. Your little one will look so chic in her Christmas tree tunic and flared polka dot leggings. Find this set in sizes 6-9M to 3T.

Don’t wait too late to get your holiday favorites. These adorable, seasonal Newborn Baby Clothes make a wonderful gift for new moms too. Don’t forget to save the special Christmas memories with the darling Mudpie baby clothes and lots and lots of photos. Shop Lollipop Moon for the best holiday outfits and holiday giftsfor your special little one. You can pre-order these fun holiday pieces now and get them mid to late September. Imagine having your Christmas outfits at your door a few months before the 25th!

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Trendy Kids Clothes Styles You Will Love This Spring

Have you done your spring clothes shopping for your little one yet? If not, now is the perfect time to get the trendy kids clothes you love at Lollipop Moon. All spring styles have been reduced in price and are cuter than ever! Here are our top four style picks for spring and summer.


1.Rompers: Rompers are the best of both worlds when it comes to baby clothes. These sweet styles are an outfit in themselves and perfect for newborns and crawling babes alike. The Isobella & Chloe Madeline Hot Pink Romper and the Isobella & Chloe Jenny Coral Romper are two awesome styles for little girls. They are full of ruffles and flower designs. Not only are these designs great for playtime, but also they are also cute enough for pictures. Find them in sizes 6M, 9M, and 12M.

2.Two Piece Sets: Another trendy kids clothes fashion we can’t get enough of this spring are two piece fashion sets. As parents, we are too busy to put together cute outfits everyday, so outfits like the Isobella & Chloe Apple Green Set or the Giggle Moon Apple Of My Heart Swing Set make like a whole lot easier. These styles can be found in a variety of sizes from toddler to older girl. Of course, if you are feeling like a fashionista, you can mix and match the separate pieces how you like to create a new adorable look.

3.Modest, Adorable Bathing Suits: Spring is the perfect time to hit the beach or lake. Even if you don’t have water nearby, you can still turn on the sprinklers and let the kids run in it. There are so many fashionable bathing suits for kids on the market, but we love the ones from Chichanella Bella, since most styles are more modest and come with a sun hat. Fashionable bathing suits that keep your little one covered up is great if you want to protect her from the sun and have her look more clothed when playing in the water. Check out the Chichanella Bella Strawberry Short Cakes or Chichanella Bella Pixy Stix for two cute styles available in baby clothes sizes and trendy kids clothes sizes alike.

4.Tutu Sets: Every little girl wants to be like a princess, and with the adorable tutu sets at Lollipop Moon, they can definitely look and feel like one. The Zebra Turquoise Tutu Love Set and the Multi Love Tutu Set are two girly styles that are fun to spin and dance in. What a wonderful outfit for birthdays, special occasions, and pictures. When it comes to the best trendy kids clothes for spring, Lollipop Moon has your back. We want your little one to look their best this season, which is why we have so many adorable pieces to choose from.

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#Summer Sale  #Trendy Baby Clothes 
Summer Sale 50% offer from your LollipopMoon

Summer Sale 50% offer from your LollipopMoon

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#Summer Sale  #Trendy Baby Clothes